Jungle Gardens at Avery Island

New Iberia, La

Located near New Iberia this location offers incredibly breathtaking photographs. Azaleas, Irises, and Wisteria fill the property in spring, the summer provides lots of greenery, in the fall, the grounds explode with colors as the many tree species change into yellows, oranges, and reds, and as fall turns to winter, the Camellias and Japanese Magnolias begin to bloom.

The property covers over 170 acres and provides an endless amount of nature & Louisiana feel backgrounds.

One of my favorite things is that we are able to drive through the entire property accessing all of the many backgrounds!

**The Gardens store closes at 5pm.

The session fee has to be paid and car passes obtained prior to closing. The location fee is paid at the little store at the entrance of the gardens.

Once the fee is paid we are able to stay in pass closing time.


The Location Fee is due and paid directly to the property